Blood Orange Cheesecake

BloodOrangeCheeseCakeGingersnap_19_TI really loved the rilling from Figs & Pigs’ Blood Orange Baked Cheesecake, it incorporates more of the Blood Orange into the Cheesecake than most other recipes which just used it as a topping. The proportions of the crust didn’t work for me, probably a difference in gingersnap cookie size. So instead I used a gingersnap crust I already liked from Smitten Kitchen.


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Risotto. One pan and without a recipe.

Risotto This is my longest standing “without a recipe” dish. Years ago, when I was just out of college and living in Scotland I made some risotto for a date night. Thankfully that recipe stuck with me. As I started a 5 month backpacking trip I carried some Arborio rice, garlic and bouillon cubes around with me, sometimes parmesan too. I bastardized the recipe to be a one pot meal, bought what veggies I could find and never knew I was doing it all wrong!

I still make this basic recipe, expanding into another pot or two, sometimes adding meat, but always enough for leftovers. For the most part, I’ve kept the cooking to one pan. I definitely use another pot to keep the stock warm. But if you’re using boullion you can heat some water in a kettle and mix the bouillon in a large jar or mug. Other proper recipes probably call for cooking the onions and veggies in a different pan… which I’ll admit you probably get better browning on the veggies that way. But i’m gonna stick with my way for a while longer.

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Tried & True – the Perfect Brownies

Favorite Brownies
Sometimes you find a recipe and it should not be changed! It’s perfect, an instant favorite. And a favorite 100 times after that.
There’s no point in me rewriting perfection! But maybe I’ll share my favorites with you.

Here’s my photo of Smitten Kitchen – My Favorite Brownies
Perfection! So long as you do the flaky sea salt step!