Spinach, Feta, Artichoke Dip

This was addictive and my favorite at a table full of good food items. I grew up eating steamed artichokes dipped in mayo with a squeeze of lemon. So I thought the amount of lemon in this was perfect! Others do disagree with me, so be warned. If you click back to look at the original recipe photos, they were a little misleading for me, I thought it was a large pan, when actually it’s loaf size, which was more than enough!

I originally made this last February but these photos are an example of something i’m not happy with but I’ve resolved to post and move on.

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Corn Chowder Salad

Corn chowder salad
Corn chowder salad
Corn Chowder without all the stewing and thickening seems easy and perfect.
Seeing the cast iron skillet in SK photos I wanted to do the same but I think hers is an inch or two larger than mine. Learn from my mistakes, go big on the pan. Also I entirely forgot the apple cider vinegar and didn’t even notice until it came time to clean up. I’d pulled out the vinegar, put the measuring cup next to it and turned away, so I’ll call it optional. If / when I make this again I’ll try it out next time and share the results.

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Cookies & Cream Cake with Strawberries

I’m not much of a cake baker. Sometimes the base is too dry / flavorless and the frosting is toothache sweet. I’d rather have a pie or tart where every bite is the good stuff.

On this the topping alone was enough to make me want to bake it. The single layer of cake was easy enough that I couldn’t protest too much and I could avoid it altogether if I hated it. Of course, I didn’t hate it. Overall the Cookies n Cream theme feels doubled as the oreo topping repeats the chocolate cake / cream flavor. Also this is a whole lot of topping volume wise.

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Blueberry Crumb Bars w/ Rosemary & Lemon

blueberry crumb bars w lemon rosemary crust_022_T
blueberry crumb bars w lemon rosemary crust_023_T
My love for Smitten Kitchen is no secret, but it’s nice to find that other people love her too. I don’t remember ever making the SK version but once Une Gamine Dans La Cuisine added Rosemary it was a memorable hit with me!

Trying to keep things seasonal I’m excited to be cooking with berries again! But trying to keep things cheap I’m hesitant to buy a pint or so of blueberries so instead I used the frozen blueberries already in my freezer to no ill effects.

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Oat and Pistachio Sandies

BA Oat and Pistachio Sandies_001_T

BA Oat and Pistachio Sandies_002_T
I’m going to try something a little different with the blog. A little less polished, more review / stream of consciousness cooking. Hopefully this will mean less internal pressure and more doing. You’ll see more of what I’m cooking, where the recipes are coming from and whether or not it’s working.

So about these cookies! If you have all the equipment, this is a super easy recipe that generates a lot of dishes. The texture fits a sandie description, almost crumbly and tastes extra buttery.

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Tried & True – Rainbow Quinoa Salad

Rainow Red Quinoa Salad _001_T
This is a favorite summer salad. You could make this in winter, but it is really better when everything is in season and super fresh. It’s sweet, savory and has some heft to it.
You could top this with some leftover chicken, steak, tofu, but it stands well on it’s own. The only commitment is a lot of chopping. …

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Blueberry Boy Bait

Blueberry Boy Bait
The name… it has a cute backstory but if you’re embarrassed about offering it to others as such, it’s pretty much a Blueberry Coffee Cake. So just call it that.

The other awesome thing about this cake, it’s so easy to make. Perfect when you’re feeling lazy and need something relatively large. You could go with fresh blueberries since it is the season, but if you have a bag already sitting in your freezer… why not make it lazy and cheap!

The recipe is all over the web, of course I found this on Smitten Kitchen. She really is my go to site for recipes.

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